Add a dash of vinegar to your meals for better health

Add a dash of vinegar to your meals for better health
Don’t just assume that vinegar is used for the flavour it adds to food. It has a number of health benefits , which is why you should ensure that it finds place in your kitchen.

  • Containing high quantities of acetic acid, vinegar is said improve how well your body absorbs essential minerals from your meals. Women should include vinegar in their meals because it helps the body absorb more calcium.
  • Certain studies say that vinegar is also helpful in keeping blood sugar levels in check. This is especially useful for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes.
  • Experts also say that vinegar is recommended for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure. Vinegar can replace salt in several dishes for people who need to abstain from sodium.
  • Since vinegar is low in calories, it is an ideal companion to salads and dips. So, the next time you find yourself reaching out for that bottle of mayonnaise, stop and help yourself to some vinegar instead.
  • Studies say that consuming vinegar before your meals will keep you fuller for longer and thereby prevent overeating.

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