Feeling hassled and unable to cope? Here are 5 apps that will relieve stress

There are several relaxation and meditation apps that can help you feel more centered and in control of life.

There has been a lot written about the ill effects of stress. It is inescapable and it can damage your body. Over a period of time, it can increase risk of cardiovascular disease, can lead to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in your child, and can even be infectious.

) Just Rain: As anyone who has slept soundly to the sound of rainfall will tell you, it is one of the most soothing experiences. But since it can’t rain through the year, the app Just Rain allows you to simulate its noise and visuals. The interface is fairly simple and allows you to change the direction of rain and determine the amount of rain fall (from a gentle drizzle to a heavy downpour) with the movement of your finger.

2) Loner: What can be more peaceful than flying alone across the universe? The game is simple and requires you to navigate an aircraft across space without crashing. You only determine the direction to take. There are bursts of light in between showering you with peace and light. What’s not to like?

3) Wysa: Stressed, depressed, or feeling lethargic? You need a friend. Or better, a life coach. Wysa is an artificial intelligence coach behavioural and mental health. Technically a pocket penguin, Wysa is at your disposal 24/7 and you can chat with her anonymously and ask for advice. While some of her tips are repetitive (bear in mind, she is a bot), she also offers you virtual tools in the form of meditation videos and exercise routine GIFs (including a hilarious one featuring a dog performing Suryanamaskars).

4) Stop, Breathe & Think: This app boasts of cute graphics and recommends specific meditation based on your emotions. So, if you suffer from anger and anxiety, it will recommend you mindful breathing exercises and meditation. There is a primer on meditation for novices which is informative. It also keeps track of your progress and rewards you with stickers.

5) Miss Wind: A minimal game, Miss Wind requires you to touch the screen to make a leaf fly. There are leaves blowing in the sky and your goal is to get as many yellow leaves as possible (every leaf you catch leads to a soothing ‘ting’ sound). You have to make sure that your leaf does not lose momentum and fall on the ground. Sounds simple, but it is surprisingly tough to keep the leaf in the air.





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