Frequent Traveler? Expert Tips On How to Remain Fit On The Go

Frequent Traveler? Expert Tips On How to Remain Fit On The Go

Neil Hill, the founder of a world class fitness training programmes Y3T, has literally no time for rest. He keeps an extremely busy schedule, which involves a lot of traveling. Those of you who relentlessly live through the horrors of incessant traveling – and spend more days commuting than resting – would actually realise its aftermath on health. Not only does it mess around with your sleep cycle but also alters the appetite and takes away the time to exercise and remain fit.

As Neil Hill got in conversation with BodyPower, he revealed his secret to remain fit despite all the back and forth. “Right now I am in Australia and before that I was in the UK for a few days, and right before that it was America. My travel commitments can really become intense around this time of the year. Obviously, my sleep pattern gets interrupted greatly and keeping a watch on my diet or training becomes harder than ever, but I don’t let this get in my way. One needs to make adaptations, plan ahead and stick to it,” shared Neil.

If you are among those who are always on the go, don’t let your health take a hit. Neil Hill’s tips will help you be on top of your game, feel healthy and look fit.

1. The Basics

Make sure that your nutrition is taken care of, even if it’s at a basic level.

“I’m a huge follower of supporting gut health and this is something that never changes for me. You can read my books with Dr. Paul Rimmer to know how focused I am on this. Therefore, you will always find my probiotic drinks, digestive enzymes and other essentials traveling with me. I also ensure that I get some quality protein every two to four hours along with the essential fatty acids and the right complex carbs. I do whatever it takes to meet these dietary requirements every day. There are days when you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, meal replacement agents come in handy then – all your seeds, nuts, rice cakes, etc.” shared Hill.

2. Don’t Skip Training

There is never an excuse to skip your cardio. If you can’t find a gym or a training facility nearby, you can always go out for a run. Carry your running shoes with you always. Keeping your calorie turnover intact is of the utmost importance while you are traveling.
When it comes to strength training, there’s no reason why you can’t do a few exercises in your hotel room if nothing else is available. Of course you prefer to be in a gym, but it’s better to do something inside your hotel room or in a nearby park than nothing at all when you’re already pressing for options.

3. Keep Hydrated

Hydration is really important especially when you are flying across borders a lot. Your body needs an extra load of fluids when it experiences sudden change in weather, time zones and is struggling to keep the various bodily processes – specially sleep – in accord. Hydration is vital for your muscles too. Ensure you are drinking bottled water at regular intervals. Opt for electrolyte powder if need be. Coconut water is a great choice too.

Keep these tips handy to manage your stress better and battle the woes of frequent traveling.


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