The Glorious land of Mauritius

A Mecca for adrenaline junkies, a paradise for honeymooners and a treasure trove for explorers, Mauritius is an island which never ceases to dazzle travellers. The multi-cultured island country is rightly famed for its sapphire waters, lavish resorts and white sandy beaches. The charm of Mauritius does not fade here, as it offers endless opportunities to taste adventure, explore and unwind in the midst of natural wonders. The pristine and magnificent beaches of Mauritius look exactly like the pictures you see in the glitzy travel magazines. A single attempt at digging into the culture of Mauritius will acquaint you with so many interesting communities and customs.
A Couple’s Retreat
Mark Twain once wrote, “Mauritius was made and then heaven; heaven being copied after Mauritius”. This says a lot about the beautiful island of Mauritius that attracts millions of couples, who wish to spend their sweet private time in the backdrop of breathtaking beaches and blankets of green forests. From romantic long drives on the widespread coastal roads and exotic Mauritian couple spas to mid-night candlelight dinner by the beachside and exploring crystal blue lagoons, Mauritius tourism has a lot to offer to the hopeless romantic couples.
Unleash your Adventurous side
If you are an adventure traveller, Mauritius tour package will give you a chance to indulge in parasailing, cave sea kayaking, water skiing, wind surfing, deep sea fishing, under water sea walk and sea hovering. If you haven’t tried your hand at snorkelling and scuba diving yet, Mauritius is the right place to kick off the fun of exploring vibrant marine life and magical corals. Apart from sun, sand and beaches, Mauritius packages offer a selection of land excursions including hiking, trekking and horse riding as well.
An Ultimate Family Holiday Spot
No wonder Mauritius is renowned as a hotspot for honeymooners, but if you visit this stunning island on a family holiday, it will not bring even a grain of disappointment to you. From luxury family resorts to economical hotels, Mauritius tourism brings to you a variety of accommodation options that suit your budget. You will have fun with your family and kids by visiting the most popular attractions of Mauritius including Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens, the little “village of Chamarel”, also known as “seven-colored earth”, Black River Gorges National Park, the larger outer isle of Mauritius, Iles Aux Cerfs and many more.
Savour the taste of local Mauritian food
If you are looking to satiate your taste buds with local Mauritian cuisine, you can do that in a multitude of international restaurants in some of the popular seaside resorts and hotels of Mauritius. The local cuisines of Mauritius are a blend of Indian, European, Creole and Chinese, which gives them a unique taste, and you won’t find that peculiar flavour elsewhere. So if you are a food gourmet, do not restrict yourself to your hotel or resort when it comes to food. Go out and explore the island for amazing food options, especially the street food.

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