Interesting Facts About IIT That Will Make You Fall in Love with The Institution

Studying in an IIT is a dream for many. From putting in the best of the efforts to finding the finest coaching institute that uses excellent teaching methodologies including mock tests, helping the students easily apply for JEE online, online studying options like Aakash iTutorand providing them with the required study material, students do it all to get a step closer to their dream of studying in an IIT.

Rated as the best tech institute of the country, IIT is the hub for toppers and is equipped with the best teaching faculty. Also, the campus of each IIT is so exhilarating and majestic that one can simply never get bored of it. However, there are some unusual and interesting facts about this institution that people are still unawareof. So, if you are preparing hard to get through the tough competition and achieve your dream of studying in an IIT, here are a few mind-blowing facts that will leave you tospellbound. Take a look!

  • When the IITs were first set up, there was no entrance examination to get admitted in the institute. The admission was made on the basis a student’s academic record and interview. Interestingly, the very first batch of IIT only had boys who were amongst the top ten rankers in their respective universities. It was only in the year 1981 whena woman metallurgist graduated from IIT.
  • The Indian Government every year gives each IIT a grant of 100-200 million. The other sources of thefund include academic fees and alumni help.
  • The internet speed available at IIT Kharagpur is said to be the highest in the country. To be precise, the internet speed offered is around six times that of theaverage speed of internet in India.
  • The present staff quarter in IIT Kharagpur was used by the Britishers to store bombs which lead to its name as “Bomb House.”
  • The average cost to educate an IITian is around 3.4 lakh per year while the students are required only to pay 90,000 a year. The Government of India bears the remaining amount.
  • The roof of the Dogra Hall at IIT-D is a Hyperbolic Paraboloid. Designed by the IIT professors, this roof is supported only at the ends which make it look like a ship.
  • The fact about IIT Kanpur is surely a great one. The campus has its own airstrip for Aeronautical Engineering students. Interesting much?
  • Ranking among the oldest engineering colleges of Asia, until 2001 IIT Roorkee was known as theUniversity of Roorkee. Every year this IIT welcomes students from more than 50 countries for short-term and full-time training courses.
  • Notable alumni’s from IIT Delhi include Chetan Bhagat, Kiran Bedi, Sachin Bansal, Binny Bansal and Raghuram Rajan. Interestingly Flipkart owners Sachin and Binny Bansal each year hire IITians to work for them.
  • IIT Bombay started an annual cultural festival in the year 1975 known as Mood Indigo. Termed as Asia’s largest cultural festival, many celebrities become a part of this festival every year. Noted musician R. D. Burman and singer Asha Bhosle performed at MI in the year 1981.
  • Occupying an area of 8.5 SqKM, the total area of IIT Kharagpur is three times the area of Monaco and Vatican City combined.
  • The foundation stone of IIT Delhi was laid by Duke of Edinburgh, H.R.H. Prince Philip in the year 1859.
  • While there is no such reason behind it, IIT Madras has 5 degrees less temperature than the rest of the city.

With so much history and amazing facts associated with the IITs across the country, the competition is bound to increase. Every year millions of students appear for the IIT JEE examination with a dream to study in any of the IITs for a better and brighter future. Serving as the hub for toppers, IITs remain the top choice for every engineering aspirant.

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