How to make your gym workouts successful

Planning your workout in advance will help you train better (Thinkstock)Planning your workout in advance will help you train better (Thinkstock)
Not everyone who joins a gymmanages to get into shape. In fact, some people are gym regulars for years but fail to get into the shape they desire. There could be several reasons for this. Following an unhealthy diet, underlying health complications and hormonal imbalances are just some of the reasons why you could be unsuccessful in the gym. Take a cue from people who are not only successful in achieving their workout goals but are worth getting inspired from. Make sure you are doing these things…

  • Plan your workouts in advance. This means you have to make a weekly schedule of what workout you plan on doing on a particular day. Make sure you balance it out well. Don’t stick only to cardio and arms or abs everyday. Neglecting any body part will not give you the toned appearance you desire.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for advise — you rather check with an expert than risk injuring yourself. No matter how experienced you may be, don’t assume you know it all — there’s still plenty to learn!
  • Being regular with your gym is only half the battle won. You also need to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle in order to see positive results. Just by working outtwo hours everyday and then gorging on the most calorie laden foods is not going to give you a lean and toned body. Be focused as well as dedicated.
  • Many people often make the mistake of spending so much time greeting fellow gym members and exchanging gossip that exercise actually takes a backseat. The gym is not a place to socialise — your constant chatter might actually disturb other members.



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