This Mother’s Day, gift your mom a health insurance policy

Covering your mother under a health insurance is important as most Indian mothers lack adequate health insurance during the critical stages of their lives. As per a recent survey, women in India just account for 30% of health insurance policies. This becomes all the more critical when access to good health care can mean the difference between life and death.

Most women in urban cities juggle between work and home and this is further bundled with unhealthy lifestyle habits including lack of sleep, no exercise and unhealthy food habits leading to worrying stress levels. Following which, there has been a constant rise in the number of women suffering from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, back-related problems, thyroid, cardiovascular, cervical cancer and infertility.

Rising cases of cancer

India alone accounts for the third highest number of cancer cases among women and the numbers are growing at 4.5 – 5% per year with the most common forms being breast, lung and cervical cancer. Also, the peak age of the onset of breast and ovarian cancer is at 45-50 years in India.

The cost of treatment of cancer often goes beyond Rs 20 lakh which is not always possible for everyone to afford. Considering the current scenario, investing in health insurance cannot be ignored and must be done at the earliest. In order to deal with regular inflation and the high rising medical costs, it has become imperative to have an adequate health insurance.

A well-rounded health insurance cover for your mother can be a good way to further steer her in the right direction towards her as well as the family’s progress. It is imperative that your gift this Mother’s Day not just protects her today, but secures her forever. A health insurance does not cost much but certainly adds great value to the life of insured.

A health protection product will not only empower your mother to go for regular health check-ups, but will also provide financial help for medical emergencies. There are numerous health insurance plans available that are precisely designed targeting women in order to provide them insurance for costs that include hospitalization expenses, critical illness cover and cover against lifestyle related diseases.

Women specific cover

You may choose to buy a women specific health insurance plan for your mother that provides financial protection against different illnesses, which she may encounter during her life. The numerous women-specific products apart from catering to critical illnesses, even come without any special premium pricing. It is important for you to stay informed, and invest in a plan that benefits your mother in more than one way.

Before zeroing on a policy, you must look for various features including zero deductibles, premium waiver benefit, cashless hospitalization and a lot more. You must also see if the plan you choose to buy covers any of the pre-existing diseases.

In order to cover your mother against pre-existing diseases, there are several fixed benefit disease specific plans available in the market which cover some major illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, Cancer etc. Do even check if there is a waiting period for some of the popular chronic ailments such as cysts or fibroids, which are quite common in middle, aged women.

This Mother’s Day, let’s give our mothers, wings to fly.


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