13 Foods You Must Avoid If You Have an Oily Skin

13 Foods You Must Avoid If You Have an Oily Skin

Constant exposure to pollution and heat can make your skin dull and rough. With our busy schedules, it gets difficult to multitask and we often forget to take care of our skin or perhaps it never becomes our priority. But here’s an easy way out. According to a popular saying – you are what you eat. So, by altering your daily diet you can keep your skin healthy and glowing. If you have an oily skin, there are a few food items that you must avoid to prevent your skin from looking greasy.

1.  Milk – It may play a very crucial role in our lives, but it may have a negative impact on your skin as it contains components related to the hormone testosterone that stimulates oil glands in the skin, making it oily and greasy.

2.  Meat – Meat contains very high sodium levels, which can lead to water retention, which further causes swelling and greasiness making your skin look extremely oily.

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Red meat is full of sodium which has increase oil secretion. Photo Credit: Istock

3.  Soy – Soy also contains phytoestrogens, which can disrupt hormonal balance. This imbalance can make the skin oily and lead to acne.

4.  Refined Grains

– Refined cereals like maida can harm your skin as they can spike your blood sugar levels leading to oily skin.

5.  Chocolate – Who doesn’t love chocolate? But some chocolates come along with sweetened cocoa, which makes your skin oily leading to acne and pimples.

6.  Wheat – Wheat is suspected to be higher in gluten and phytic acid, which causes difficulty in digestion. Indigestion disrupts the process of soaking in the nutrients, which affects the skin in unwanted ways.

7.  Bacon – Bacon, being on the top of the list of greasy foods, makes the skin extremely oily leading to the growth of acne.

8. Shrimp – Shrimp contains allergens, which can lead to acne and greasiness. On the other hand, shrimp also contain high levels of iodine, which can also cause skin rashes.

9. Mango – Mangoes are considered to be hot in nature which, when consumed, can heat up the body, which leads to acne, pimples and makes the skin oily.

10. Jackfruit – Studies suggest that jackfruit increases the body temperature, which can cause pimples and acne.


Jackfruit increases the body temperature and hence, may cause pimple and acne. Photo Credit: Istock

11. Caffeine – Coffee has the power to dehydrate your body. This may lead to inflammation, which makes our skin oily, which further leads to acne and pimples.

12. Butter – Butter comes under dairy products, which are known to be pro-inflammatory foods.

13. Chilli – Chilli can trigger flare-ups and create a lot of heat in the body, which can make the skin greasy causing a lot of acne especially if you are prone to it.

According to Noida-based Nutritionist & Physician Dr. Parveen Verma from Kailash Hospital, “Oily skin leads to a lot of acne and pimples. To avoid these, one must switch to eating dairy-free products for a while. Cut down on the intake of products such as milk or cheese. One must also avoid eating the yolk of the egg, red meat and junk food in general. These foods increase the cholesterol levels in the body which make the skin extremely oily.”




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