5 Secret Keys for a Successful Fulltime Writing & Speaking Career

5 Secret Keys for a Successful Fulltime Writing & Speaking Career

Dreams are good but they don’t pay bills. This bubble needs to be busted before you think of taking writing or speaking as a fulltime profession. In order to earn your life and lifestyle, you’ve got work in the direction where you are not just living your dreams but also living your dream lifestyle. Sounds really fancy (and inspiring maybe) but it’s not that easy.

In this post, you will discover 5 secret keys for a full-time writing and speaking career. Use these keys and you never know, you might be the next self-made millionaire.

Consistency Pays Off:

The only thing that pays-off is consistency. Being consistent not just helps you improve your craft but also improves your market value. Yes, it’s all business and when it’s business you simply can’t afford to give breaks, because your 2 days break might result in someone else switching your place in the market.

Make People Realize Your Worth:

According to Google, the world population is 753.04 crores. Do really think that people have time to search for YOU (especially when you are new or a budding artist, entrepreneur, solopreneur) and come to YOU to offer what YOU want? No! Definitely not! You have to make people realize your worth. No one will invest their time and money on someone whom they don’t even know. It’s not suggested that you keep on poking people about your talent and work and flood their social media channels. But make them realize by your actions, achievements, apt social presence and networking.

Learn to Handle Criticism:

This is very important! No matter what you do, how much you do and how well you do, you will always find people criticizing your work. You can’t please everyone. So, work according to your goal and your mindset. Do listen to the criticism (especially if it’s your investor) but don’t get affected and take sudden decisions on the basis of it. Instead, analyze the current scenario and the need to make changes and then take a decision.

Hard Work and Smart Work:

If you really want to be successful, you’ve got to learn how to work smartly. It’s not always just about hard work, because even a hawker works harder every day but will you consider him as a successful person? You have to learn to seize the right opportunity at the right time and within the available funds you have. For this, you have to be aware and calculative for every single opportunity big or small, knocks your doors.

Market Value of What You do:

This might sound dreamy but there is always a market of anything you do. Yes, anything! People often ask if poets have a market, do artists get paid well or if an XYZ startup will work or not. Well, all this totally depends on how creative and useful your idea is and how well you implement it. It’s you who have to create the market value of your work, product, service or talent. Because this is business; here even a huge MNC suddenly goes bank corrupt because of one wrong decision and even a small tattoo artist reaches a point where it can earn in 8 figures.

Hope these lessons will help you in some way in your career endeavours. Remember, it won’t believe in yourself and your work, no one else will. So believe in yourself and work accordingly!


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