Career in art and photography: How to turn your hobby into a profession

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What if your hobby could become your profession? Here’s how you can turn your hobby of art and photography into a career.

The Oxford Dictionary of English defines hobby’ as an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure’. If this leisure time’ activity can be converted into a livelihood generator then so much more better earning a livelihood from what you love to do.

A walk down in a well-frequented park will bring you across many people walking around with a sketch book and pencil or a camera, clicking or sketching random scenes or people.

Pursuing a passion such as this not only gives one creative satisfaction but, if you can sell your work, it can give you monetary satisfaction too.

How to turn your hobby into a profession

Many people take short- or long-term courses to learn something new painting, video art, illustration, clay modelling and sculpture, photography, graphic designing, 3D animation the list is endless.

If this is where your heart lies then a short term or a long term course, whatever suits your time or budget, will only help you hone your talent.

Diploma, degree and post graduate courses are available in various institutes. If you want to only brush up your talent then you can opt for 1-, 3- and 6-month certificate courses as well.

That is not to say that if you can’t take a course you can’t hone your talent. You can, but your natural talent needs to be given a direction for it to flower and flourish.

While art gives wings to your creativity where you can use your imagination to draw or paint what you perceive of a situation, scene or person, photography helps you record moments, meet new people, travel and more.

Both activities art and photography — give you a big opportunity to have fun while pursuing your passion.

How art and photography are inter-connected

Not many realise it but art and photography are deeply intertwined. A good painting can be inspired from a beautiful photograph or a beautiful photograph can look like an amazing painting.

With changing times and digitisation entering every field, can the world of creativity be left behind? A photograph can be converted into a painting with the click of a mouse and a painting can be digitally modified to enhance some aspects.

Gone are the days when you printed every photograph and then selected the one with the least flaws. Now you can look at each frame digitally and select the one you feel is best in every aspect colour, light, exposure, etc and then also correct it or modify it to suit your taste.

The same goes for art. What was once done by hand can now be done on the computer too.

There was a time when paintings, illustrations, cartoons, etc were all made by hand and if they were to be printed in some forum it had to be photographed before it went through the process of printing. Now all this can be done digitally.

While fine art is all about concept, idea, colour, light, etc photography too is about the same. So dual knowledge of both fine arts and photography will only add to your kitty of talent.

Where to study art and photography

In Delhi, there are some reputed institutes that offer courses in art and photography. These courses, short term and full term, are comprehensive.

Not only do the students get to interact and rub shoulders with the names in the industry that come to the college as faculty members or guest faculty, they also get to exhibit their works in the college or at other venues in Delhi.

What is a hobby for some can also be converted into a profession, which gives you the satisfaction of earning a livelihood from your hobby.

You can become a visualiser, illustrator, art critic, artist, animator, creative designer, graphic designer, flash programmer, web developer, art teacher, cartoonist, art conservator, art director, etc.

As a photographer you can cover news, still life, events, wildlife, birds, architecture, food, etc. All these are no longer run-of-the-mill. They are specialised areas and what better way to turn your hobby into your work and give wings to your creativity.


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