This is how your bedroom will help you sleep better

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Is your bedroom helping you sleep better? As sleep becomes a much talked about wellness concept, bedrooms are turning into sleep sanctuaries. Sleep entrepreneurs and designers are getting innovative. From swinging beds to weight blankets – new furniture forms are being invented. For a good night’s sleep, it’s essential that your bedroom has little furniture and is clutter-free.

Interior designer Kunal Mehta says, “Bedroom is the most luxurious and personal space in any home. Beautify your room with posh cushions and rugs. They’ll help muffle noise, in addition to looking warm and cosy.” His idea: Use colours like blues, greens and greys to create a cool oasis, as these colours have a calming effect and give a positive energy to the room. An important element for a good sleep is lights. Add table or floor lamps in your bedroom to free yourself from stress and worries.

Create your personal sleep sanctuary

1. Get a good mattress
A good mattress is an investment in health. If your mattress is too hard or soft or lumpy, it will keep you up all night. Most people wake up with neck and muscle pain because of a bad mattress. It’s a good idea to try out your mattress before paying the whole amount.

2. Make your room dark
We need a dark, calm environment to sleep better. Most modern devices like digital clocks, televisions, phones, light up your bedroom and interrupt sleep. Remove them from your bedroom or put them away in a drawer.

3. Cut off the noise
Is your fan and AC noisy? Is your room too hot or cold? Install a good thermostat to control the air temperature in your room.

4. Healing sounds

 Play soft music – like soft wind chimes, birds chirping or even the sound of falling water in your bedroom. You could keep a small fountain near your bedside.
5. Get greens indoors
 Keep a small plant on your dressing table or bedside to purify the air. This also increases humidity and helps you breathe better.






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